Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Aerial Weirdos #8

The exciting sequel to Aerial Weirdos #3!

After an extensive and expensive rebuild, Veronica is ready to try again to be the first woman to orbit the Earth in a truck cab.  Will she do it this time?  We'll find out in T minus eight minutes and counting.

This is a rare piece for me, as I don't do too many sequels.  Variations on a theme, sure, but it's not very often I revisit a particular story and do a "one month later" sort of thing.  The ideas are there, but they have to compete with the deluge of ideas and schemes in my head that I haven't explored yet, and usually get relegated to the back burner.  But this one just wouldn't give up.  I guess Veronica's too stubborn to get forgotten.

Maybe there will be a part three sometime.  Stay tuned.

Painted in oil on a 6x10 inch panel.  Sold.

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