Saturday, August 24, 2013

Surf Weirdos #10

The only valid reason to get the undercoating option.

10x10 inches, painted in watercolor.  Available at Daily Paintworks.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Bride Of Fishenstein

This piece started out as a small volleyball pinup sketch.  Through a series of refinements and redraws, it gradually evolved into what you see here.  How and why this happened is difficult to explain.  I suspect it has something to do with the subconscious's ability to store, sift and assemble vast amounts of useless bits of data and imagery.  Sort of a solitaire of the mind, played with a deck of a million cards.

Mr. Fishenstein there has been recast in another piece I'm working on.  It appears being decapitated hasn't kept him from getting ahead.  (Badum Bump!  Zing!!)

14x21 inches, painted in watercolor.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Surf Weirdos 11

When I'm done with a painting, I usually set it aside for a week or so, hidden out of sight.  Then I dig it out and look at it with fresh eyes and do final adjustments as needed.  Usually, these adjustments don't amount to much; a little detail here, a color tweak there.  For example, in this piece I repainted the wave on the left to make it more imposing and added some sea spray around the car.  I also darkened the red of the car below the waterline.  Maybe I'll go back again and make that wave bigger yet, or save that for the next piece.

Here's the previous version for comparison.

8x21 inches, painted in watercolor.  Available for purchase at Daily Paintworks.

And now...

My artwork is being featured in the current issue of Traditional Rod n Kulture Illustrated magazine,  one of the finest hot rod mags around.  It's so cool it comes with two front covers!  The good folks at R&K have managed to make me seem like a moderately coherent member of society, which all by itself would be worth the price of admission.  Production values are top notch, from the writing and photography to the print quality.  Even the advertising is cool, and that's just impossible.  So go pick up a copy, and gain some insight on the evolution of these paintings, and then stick around for the gassers, rods, customs, and pinups.

But wait...

There's more.  After you've read the magazine cover to cover, go on over to Set to Stun Productions and look up the Friction in the Static podcast, episode 172.  Yes, that's right, you can hear me ramble on about my work, the evolution of the Weirdos, and melting all my crayons.  And thanks to the miracle of post production, I sound like a perfectly ordinary human (mostly).  Then, after you've listened to me butcher the English language, you still have at least 171 other Friction podcasts to enjoy.