Thursday, July 26, 2012

Beached Weirdos #2

More suspicious doings at the beach.  Just what's going on out there?

6x6 inches, painted in oil on panel.  available for purchase at Daily Paintworks.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Aerial Weirdos #8

The exciting sequel to Aerial Weirdos #3!

After an extensive and expensive rebuild, Veronica is ready to try again to be the first woman to orbit the Earth in a truck cab.  Will she do it this time?  We'll find out in T minus eight minutes and counting.

This is a rare piece for me, as I don't do too many sequels.  Variations on a theme, sure, but it's not very often I revisit a particular story and do a "one month later" sort of thing.  The ideas are there, but they have to compete with the deluge of ideas and schemes in my head that I haven't explored yet, and usually get relegated to the back burner.  But this one just wouldn't give up.  I guess Veronica's too stubborn to get forgotten.

Maybe there will be a part three sometime.  Stay tuned.

Painted in oil on a 6x10 inch panel.  Sold.