Sunday, May 18, 2014

Warglobe Number One

Yes, I know.  It's not so much a globe as a bell jar.  "War Bell Jar" just doesn't sound cool.  Besides, it's a prototype, to test the concept of Warglobes.  Branding accuracy comes at a later stage, after the bugs are shaken out of the design.

The top picture is the original painting.  The bottom piece is a gently tweaked version I made in photoshop, just for something to do on a lazy Sunday.

Watercolor, 12x17 inches.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Yet another 1957 Dodge Pickup Painting

I think I've drawn or painted the 1957 Dodge pickup more than any other car or truck.  There's a bone stock orange one at the beach, a Power Wagon gasser, a Power Wagon lowrider, and three Sweptside Surf Weirdos.  I don't get tired of painting them.  Maybe I'll do a Sweptside power Wagon next.

Yes, the red on the cab and the bed side is supposed to be mismatched.  I prefer vehicles that show a little age, look like they've been driven and not stored in a climate controlled, carpeted garage.  It gives them a character you can't fake or buy in a can.

Surf Weirdos #20
8.75x13 inches, painted in watercolor.