Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Clearing The Cylinders

It's that miraculous barn find you always hear about. A local drag strip warrior from way back, discovered under a chicken crap encrusted tarp in a shed two blocks away. And it looks like it's all there, too. How awesome is that?

After a few hours of haggling, it's extricated from between the tractor carcass and the rusty bedsprings, and the process of resuscitation begins. Sure, it's a bit smoky, but what do you expect after six seasons of hard racing and fifty years in storage? The fact that the engine is even there to be fired up is nothing short of amazing.
13.5x21 inches, painted in watercolor.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Aerial Weirdos #3 - Crash

"Veronica Maeus was nearly the first person to put a Dodge truck cab in orbit this morning. Unfortunately, engine trouble forced her to abort the attempt and crash land her vehicle in the Arizona desert. She's announced she fully intends to try again once she's hammered the bugs out of the injection system."

I have a sequel on the drawing board.  Stay tuned.

5.75 inches square, painted in oil.  Sold.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Finders Keepers 9

"An Airstream is the perfect vacation home.  It's spacious, stylish, mobile, and best of all, shiny.   This one's even better.  It was free.  Well, when I say free, I mean stolen.  She found it, she kept it.  And she kept the cowboy hat she found inside, too.  Cowboy hats are cool."

This is the first piece in the FK series featuring a travel trailer.  It's also the first piece in the series done in oil. Curiously, it's the second piece in the FK series to feature a cowboy hat.

6x12 inches, painted on masonite panel.  Sold.