Monday, August 29, 2011

The Hammerhead

A mermaid with a sponsor.  And a trophy.

Watercolor, 14x21 inches.  The original painting can be purchased here.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Even a siren has to keep up with the world.  Tastes in music change, and these days an a cappella performance just won't cut it. You need to grab your victim's attention and keep it until it's too late.  That's not easy to do with competition like Aguilera to deal with.  Perhaps some guitar lessons and a homemade amplifier are just what the doctor ordered.  Surfers beware!

Painted in watercolor, 14x27 inches.  The original is available here.  Prints are available here.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Coffee Break

This is one of those pieces that sort of evolved by itself.

I had already done a version of this car in green, but I was not happy with it.  The whole thing was just blah.  The car was too clean, the background was plain and flat, and the girl was waaaay too goofy. 

So I started over, taking the car out of town and putting it in the middle of nowhere, changing the color and adding some patina.  Now the car needed a new driver, someone less cheerfully creepy and with better fashion sense.  I found a girl who fit the bill waiting in a pile of sketches, minus the wings, which eventually became black.

  So why is she stretching in the middle of nowhere?  Well, she's been driving for 300 or so miles, traveling to point b, wherever that is.  And what might you need after driving 300 miles in a buggy-sprung bathtub, besides a good stretch?  That's right, coffee.  So... thermos.

Who is this winged woman?  Is she an angel or a devil?  Where is she going? Why has she traveled such a great distance, and why didn't she choose a more comfortable mode of transportation?  Like a Cadillac, maybe?  I mean, isn't it cramped in there with those wings?

I cannot answer these questions.  All I know for certain is that she's not drinking decaf.

As usual, painted in watercolor.  14x21 inches.  Prints available on ebay.  The original is available, contact me for details.