Friday, March 16, 2012

Finders Keepers 7

This is the seventh piece in the FK series, and the first one that doesn't feature a mermaid (if you count the girl in FK6 as a mermaid; opinion is split on that issue).

It's a bit of a strange piece, really.  I just put two drawings from other projects together, added some floating rocks and Voila, painting.  The basic story is pretty much the same as in all the other FK paintings; girl finds unattended truck, girl claims truck as her own, unseen owner is confused at the absurd image of a mermaid or blindfolded angel making off with what was his truck.  Of course, in FK6 the booty was a Cadillac ambulance, and FK9 features an Airstream trailer.

What madness will FK10 reveal? Do tentacles play a role?  Stay tuned.

14x21 inches, painted in Glorious Watercolor.

(Insert copyright notice and threats of disembowelment here.)

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