Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sunday Driver

Driven by a little old lady who only used it to go to church on Sunday, bought for cheap, and transmogrified into a fire belching, track burning monstrosity.  It's still driven on Sunday, only much, much faster.

This is part of my search for the unusual. 

When you see a gasser style hot rod, most often it's either a '40'sWillys or a tri-five Chevy.  Why not a Cadillac, or a Packard?  You're pretty much guaranteed to stand out from the crowd wherever you are.  What are the odds that there's going to be another 1955 Packard Gasser at any event you go to?  Think of it this way; according to my crude math there were twice as many Chevrolet Del Ray club coupes produced in 1955 as there were Packards.  That's the entire Packard line versus one lowly Chevy model.  And how many of each survive today to be converted into gassers?  I don't have figures on this, but I can only recall seeing one fifties Packard in 20 years of car shows, versus many hundreds of Chevys.  Admittedly, I live in the sticks, but I don't imagine the ratio changes much in Los Angeles or New Jersey.  As for the Willys, you can pretty much make your own from scratch these days.  How exclusive is that?

Painted in watercolor, 14x21 inches. 

The original painting is available here.  Prints are available on ebay.

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