Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Invasion of the Squid Hats - The Victorian Age

This piece is part of a series featuring the many disguises the Squid Hats utilize in their quest for world domination. There are many varieties of Squid Hat, and they are specially evolved to keep pace with wildly fluctuating fashion trends.  No hat is safe, from the top hat to the propeller beanie.

Learn to recognize the signs of Squid Hat possession and be wary of neighbors and friends who suddenly take to wearing a hat, or change hats for no reason.  Be aware of any hat stores that suddenly pop up in your neighborhood, offering free samples.  Report anyone who starts talking about "crushing the puny hairless monkeys", or engages in other antisocial behavior while wearing a hat.

Above all, DO NOT confront a Squid Hat directly.  Leave them to the professionals.

Painted in watercolor on sinister paper stock.  10x14 spooky inches.

Copyright 2011 Matt Yost, all hats reserved.

Edit:  They're Spreading!  Limited edition prints now available on ebay.

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