Monday, June 6, 2011

The Impossible

The idea here is to take a short, boxy, 60's 4x4 SUV, and drop the body right to the ground, while preserving the 4WD drivetrain.  Read that last sentence again.  That's right, the finished product must scrape the ground and have a functioning four-wheel drive.

Maybe it can't be done.  Maybe it's a ridiculous and unfeasible idea.  But how cool would it be to have a low rider that can climb a vertical rock face?

People have contacted me with plenty of pictures of SUV lowriders, but they've all been 2WD, so no cigar.

I've seen some pretty wacky custom cars out there, including a Caddy camouflaged as a tank and an aluminum fishing boat fitted with a drivetrain.  How many Batmobiles are there?  There's got to be at least one of these somewhere in the world.

Watercolor, 10x22 inches.  This painting is available on Etsy.

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